Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease

International journal of cardiopulmonary medicine and rehabilitation

Volume 79 - number 3-4/2013
Pulmonary series


Clinical Pharmacology

F. Novelli, F. Costa, M. Latorre, L. Malagrinò, A. Celi, B. Vagaggini, P. Paggiaro
Tiotropium: a new therapeutic option in asthma

Original Articles

M. Justine, F. Tahirah, V. Mohan
Health-related quality of life, lung function and dyspnea rating in COPD patients

N. Barbarito, E. De Mattia
Grading the severity of obstruction in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and morbid obesity

N. Facciolongo, R. Piro, F. Menzella, M. Lusuardi, M. Salio, L. Lazzari Agli, M. Patelli
Training and practice in bronchoscopy. A national survey in Italy

TB Corner

M. Irfan, F. Thiavalappil, J. Nagaraj, T.H. Brown, D. Roberts, L. Mcknight, N.K. Harrison
Tuberculous pancreatitis complicated by ruptured splenic artery pseudoaneurysm

Case Reports

H. Bhardwaj, B. Bhardwaj, P.V. Carlile
Recurrent pneumomediastinum in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis

S. Katsenos, M. Nikolopoulou
Intramedullary thoracic spinal metastasis from small-cell lung cancer

Images of chest disease

A. Andreani, G. Cappiello, M. Valli, M. Giovannini
TBNA for the treatment of non complicated bronchogenic cyst



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